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Apogee Solutions Corporation (formerly Agro Systems Corporation) was founded in 1967 with the purpose of providing financial accounting and analytical services to agricultural producers and small businesses. In 1995, AgriSolutions Inc. was formed to develop and market a new series of products and services specifically designed to increase agricultural producers' profits in most major commodities. AgriSolutions offers a new line of accounting, consulting, education, software and tax for producers. 

Read below for more highlights and historical events in our development. 



AgriSolutions developed and launched a number of new AgIQ® Business Intelligence Tools on a modular basis and implemented an Android-based mobile app; AgIQ CollectTM designed to track activities within production agriculture.

The new Agricultural Management Advisory Program (AMAP) successfully conducted its first business assessment and business planning meetings with progressive farm operations across the Midwest.

A new .net development platform was acquired, which can be used to implement significant modernization of the AgriSolutions AgManager® accounting product.



AgriSolutions introduced “AgriSolutions On Demand.”  On Demand is a new tool built on a secure cloud-based platform and includes AgManager® Online and the AgIQ® Dashboard.

Began working with DTN/Progressive Farmer by providing weekly articles featured on their website.  Enhancements were made to AS 103 to update the material with new content and an updated look and feel.

AgriSolutions was featured in the TV segment, Today in America.  The segment highlighted effects technology has on efficiency in agriculture today.  AgriSolutions products and services and client vignettes were featured demonstrating the technology AgriSolutions offers.

AgriSolutions worked with participating members of the Nursery Sod Growers Association of Ontario (NSGA) by collecting data to use in the calculation of relevant benchmarks.  Results were compiled to provide feedback on the productivity and profitability of the operations relative to other participating NSGA members.



Leona Cox was promoted to Chief Operating Officer.  Other promotions within the organization include Carolyn Roberts to Director, Technology and Accounting and Cary Paul to Director, Consultative Services.

Contracted with professional marketing firm, Avant, to help develop comprehensive marketing program.

In late September AgriSolutions totally re-designed website was launched.



A new education delivery technology (Learning Management System – LMS) was implemented in September. Pre-recorded AgManager® training classes are now offered through this new tool and are available to clients 24/7.

A newly developed AgManager training course was introduced – Basic and Advanced Individual Training.  This class is instructor-led and is currently conducted in the AgriSolutions corporate office.  The class focuses on ensuring clients understand the intricacies of AgManager and are able to focus on their specific entity structure.



January and February were marked by record numbers of clients attending AgriSolutions producer education classes conducted at the corporate office.

Several new AgIQ benchmarking meetings conducted in March for clients utilizing the Business Management System’s managerial accounting module. 

June reflected another profitable year-end with management efforts underway to develop an updated strategic and business plan.

Additional employees were hired throughout the year with a focus on accounting and consulting education and experience.



In May 2008, AgriSolutions operations and management structure was reorganized in order to position the corporation effectively for industry change issues, future growth opportunities, and succession. Leona Cox and Carolyn Roberts were promoted to Director of Operations and Assistant Director of Operations respectively.

In September 2008, AgriSolutions invested in developing a new corporate promotional video designed to highlight AgriSolutions people, products, and service. Visit our Video page to watch it and hear:

  • Why AgriSolutions? - Our Mission from Allen Lash.
  • How we can help our client’s operation succeed.
  • From the staff that are providing our services.

November 2008, AgriSolutions introduced a new AgManager Resource Companion to assist clients with understanding and using AgManager’s unique ag-specific accounting features. The tool is designed to assist clients in quickly finding answers to questions they may have about using AgManager.

In December 2008, AgriSolutions held a recognition ceremony to celebrate its employees and their years of service to the company. Including Allen Lash, President and CEO, a total of 243 years was represented. Award recipients included Val Maeker, 38 years; Roger Booth, 30 years; Kim Thomas, 23 years; Carolyn Roberts and Daryl Pohlman, 20 years; Leona Cox, 16 years; Jana Weishaupt, 15 years; Debbie Wilson, 13 years; Judi Boker and Roberta Evans, 9 years; and Amanda Schaaf, 8 years.



Development began on AgriSolutions® new and unique AgIQ™ benchmarking database. Phase 1 of this project includes a managerial accounting-level database designed to demonstrate true costs of production and margins initially by state, region, nationally, by size, yields, commodity, etc. Phase 2 is projected to include filtering data in many other ways including tillage practices, hybrids, chemical usage, fertility issues, and equipment brands among others. In addition to AgriSolutions staff, various technical consultants and PhD economists are involved in the design and analysis processes. Accrual adjusted and cash data will be added upon completion of Phase 2. The data warehouse is stored in an Oracle 10g database using Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services for generating reports and Microsoft IIS (Internet Information Services (IIS) 6.0 for the web server. The user interface is being developed in Microsoft .NET 3.0 / ASP (Active Server Pages).

Rollout of the first AgIQ benchmark reports are being delivered March 14, 2008 at the Crop Benchmarking meeting at the AgriSolutions corporate office in Brighton, IL.

AgriSolutions enhanced its AgManager® accounting product with a new forms interface utilizing Aatrix Software. Aatrix is available through online access and provides state and federal form printing and eFiling options as well as W-2 printing and eFiling. An Employee Direct Deposit feature is also available.

A powerful AgManager “Multi-User” add-on feature was also rolled out this year and is available for the office environment that has multiple individuals who need access to various areas within the accounting system. This feature provides file locking to assure that files that need to be locked/secured have been and that files that can be shared are available to users.

DTN invited AgriSolutions staff to speak at a general session regarding “Agriculture Economies of Scale” at their newly created Ag Summit in Chicago.



AgriSolutions acquired an exclusive license for use of the National Pork Board’s Pork Standards including the Internet-based database to generate reports, analyses, studies and other ancillary materials from the database for U.S. Pork producers. This exclusive license includes other Pork Standards-related materials, including, a technical manual, ROE Model, Pork Office, Instructors Manuals, Chart of Accounts and Certification process.

A unique Web-based process was implemented to assist AgriSolutions sales and marketing efforts with progressive producers. This Web-based process included a series of telephone interviews followed by online demonstrations in order to secure new business. Record sales were achieved in 2006 through this efficient process.

Kennedy and Coe, LLC, large regional CPA firm licensed AgriSolutions AgManager® accounting software to use with their clients. Plans are in place to license additional accounting firms across the U.S. in the coming year.

South Dakota Corn Growers Association again sponsored AgriSolutions instruction of the Risk Management Agency’s seminars and producer education programs.



Monsanto Company Dairy Division and AgriSolutions reached an agreement to offer AgriSolutions’ Business Management System for U. S. Agriculture to dairy producers in the Eastern and Mid-Western regions of the country. Sponsorship funding is available from Monsanto to assist dairy producers with first and second year fees. A minimum of 300 milking cows is required in order to qualify for sponsorship.

The following excerpts are from a John Deere Ag Management Solutions (AMS) Press Release announced at the 2005 Commodity Classic.

Lenexa, Kansas – February 24, 2005 – John Deere AMS announces a partnership with a leading agricultural accounting software company, AgriSolutions, that will enhance the newly updated, JDOffice™ 1.4 desktop software.

“This is a significant partnership that will allow us to offer a plug-in to AgManager™ software,” says Gordon Culp, marketing manager, John Deere Ag Management Solutions. “Users of JDOffice 1.4 will be able to integrate with the AgManager accounting software and simplify data input in a seamless connection with AgManager.”

Implemented the Business Management System for U.S. Agriculture with new and existing clients. The Business Management System is a unique bundle of products and services, including managerial accounting and managerial benchmarking. It is designed to assist producers in managing the financial aspects of their business at the crop, farm and field levels. It uses the Managerial Standards defined by the National Pork Producers Association, Soybean and Corn Associations and now the Northeast Dairy Council. It starts with a quality time-tested accounting system, AgManager, customized to their operation and includes services to help ensure quick and successful implementation at the farm level.

Developed and instructed a new Producer Education course, AS 203 “Managerial Analysis” to support AgriSolutions Business Management System. Producers using the BMS system will have the ability to attend this managerial accounting analysis training course to better analyze their data for decision-making.

AgriSolutions re-negotiated long-term, multi- year agreements with Five Farm Credit Services.

AgriSolutions staff, including Allen Lash, continued its tradition of speaking before numerous agriculture industry groups in 2005. This demonstrates continued recognition by industry and academia of AgriSolutions intellectual property, products and services.



John Deere Ag Management Solutions and AgriSolutions signed a Marketing Agreement to co-market AgriSolutions' AgManager® and JDAMS' JDOffice™ Accounting Plug-in. This exciting joint opportunity offers clients' the ability to link their GPS/GIS production information with the AgManager accounting system. The resulting data from this powerful combination provides unique information and a new way of making more effective and time-sensitive management decisions.

AgriSolutions AgriProfits database celebrated its 10th Anniversary.  This entity level benchmark database is one of its kind in the nation offering quality controlled trended statistical data.  Participants all use AgManager accounting software most of which is compiled by trained accountants.  The ten years of trended information offered detailed financial analysis for over 500 farming operations, al of whom had participated in the database for an average of eight of the ten years and were still in business in 2004.

BASF Plant Science's NutriDense® Division and AgriSolutions reached an agreement to offer AgriSolutions' Business Management System for U. S. Agriculture to current and future NutriDense customers. A series of joint informational seminars were also offered in which NutriDense offered producer subsidies to offset program fees as a value-added benefit.

Conducted the first Annual AgManager User Convention convening in Las Vegas, Nevada designed as a roll out of AgManager 3.0, AgriSolutions significantly enhanced accounting system.

Signed an agreement with Bayer CropScience to provide AgriSolutions products and services to its dealer network. Bayer CropScience dealers will offer our products and services to their farm customers.

AgriSolutions President, Mr. Allen Lash was a featured or keynote speaker at the following agriculture industry meetings in 2004:

  • "Top Producers" (Annual) Best Managed Farms Conference in Chicago, Illinois
  • Dairy Executive Program - Cornell University, Syracuse, New York
  • Dairy Alliance - Penn State University, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
  • South Dakota Corn Growers Association (RMA-funded) Risk Management Seminars
  • Iowa Soybean Associations' Farm Financial Management Conference
  • Canadian Total Excellence in Agricultural Management, in Nova Scotia and Banff, Canada and Brighton, Illinois

Numerous other organization or industry meetings and educational seminars



Successfully implemented the education program, systems training, and database compilations with the 2002 John Deere Ag Management Solutions Pilot Group.

Conducted a Press Conference and announced roll out of our Pork Standards data results at World Pork Expo.

Reached agreement with Farm Credit Services on an extended three-year contract for use of AgManager® accounting software. Program enhancements were also funded.

Signed an agreement with ADM Alliance Nutrition to service its dealer network through ADM's new Retail Solutions program.

Made significant enhancements to AgManager's User Interface including changes to the Capital Assets module to ensure compliance with the new Jobs and Growth Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2003.

Significantly enhanced the company's Customer Relationship Management system to assist in client communications, client service and overall efficiency.

Implemented Internet Meeting technology to assist in service of clients in remote areas.

Mr. Lash, company President, again spoke before hundreds of producers through numerous industry and trade association meetings and conferences throughout the year, including Top Producer, Cornell's Dairy Excellence Program and Canada's CTEAM.



AgManager® became the first financial accounting software "Standards Certified" by the National Pork Board. To earn Pork Standards Financial Certification, companies that offer financial accounting software must demonstrate the capability to enter a complete year of data that produce precise financial reports in the Standard Pork format. After pork producers have their data standards compliant, they can add the data to Pork's National Database. They are then able to search the pork database via the Internet any time. Producers can see their costs, profits and performance compared to data from other pork production operations. Pork producers may use the Pork Return on Equity (ROE) model to measure the financial impact of an unlimited number of "what if" scenarios.

Thomas C. Graham was named CEO of Agro Systems Corporation, April 1, and is responsible for all subsidiaries. E. Allen Lash remains active in the organization as President and Chairman of the Board. Mr. Graham is responsible for all day-to-day operations of the company. Mr. Lash will focus his attention on industry initiatives, strategic alliances, and the Agro Systems subsidiary, Oak Brook Real Estate Development.

Effective June 30, Agro Systems Corporation (parent company) elected to streamline its subsidiary structure. AgriSolutions Inc., Agro Corporation, and ASTM Corporation were consolidated into a single entity, AgriSolutions Inc., which delivers all services to all of its clientele. Agro Grain and Livestock Marketing Corporation became an affiliated company.

The National Pork Board awarded AgriSolutions contracts to deliver Pork Financial Standards, through AgriSolutions outstanding "Financial Success Tools for the New Millennium" training to pork operations in Iowa, Minnesota and Illinois. There are 25 pork operations per contract.

In September 2002, John Deere Ag Management Solutions signed a funding agreement with AgriSolutions, to form a test group of producers to utilize AMS's JDOffice™ production system along with ASI's AgManager® accounting product. All data collected will conform to the multi-commodity standard chart of accounts and will be compiled in an industry standards format. The test group attends four educational programs throughout the year culminating with a data results and analysis session in early 2004.

In conjunction with the accounting and production test group, AgriSolutions has developed an interface between AgManager® and JDOffice™ allowing producers the ability to combine financial data with production data from the field. A marketing program, including pricing and/or distribution plan is currently being formulated between the two organizations.

Mr. Lash was a featured or keynote speaker at the following industry meetings in 2002:

  • Top Producers" Annual Award Conference in Chicago, Illinois
  • "Best Managed Farms" in Kansas City, Missouri
  • Canadian Total Excellence in Agricultural Management, in Nova Scotia and Banff, Canada
  • Executive Dairy Group - Cornell University, Syracuse, New York

Numerous other organization or industry meetings and seminars



Agro Grain and Livestock Marketing (an affiliate of Agro Systems) developed "Revenue Manager." This product is designed to assess risk tolerance and enhance financial and profit performance. A unique Internet tool, "" is available to producers utilizing their own operation's financial and production information 24 hours a day, seven days a week. To our knowledge, there is not a comparable marketing/risk tolerance product in the industry.

QPlan contracted with AgriSolutions to test and provide technical support for its new QCrop modeling system.

AgriSolutions enhanced its AgManager® Standards Managerial Accounting software by adding Cash/Accrual Entity Types, Asset Assignments, and Cash Accrual Balances.

AgriSolutions piloted a series of "Financial Success Tools for the New Millennium" implementation training programs with the Iowa Soybean Association/Corn Growers and National Pork Board members.

  • Corn and Soybeans: 25 operations with over 50,000 acres of production
  • National Pork Board : 15 operations with over 300,000 pigs sold



  • Rolled out the FFA, AgEducator program. The program was presented to all Six State of Iowa FFA Districts with a 93% level of interest. Iowa instructor training is scheduled for November/December, 2000. The State of Mississippi purchased AgEducator for 21 schools.
  • Developed in 2000, for release January, 2001, the first release of AgManager®'s "Managerial Accounting Module" which will comply with the National Pork Producers Council's Production and Financial Standards. It is the only system in the market to effectively manage Work in Process (WIP) accounting and Standards reporting requirements automatically.
  • Trained the first group of "Trainer the Trainers" for National Pork Producers Council's "Production and Financial Standards" initiative.
  • Conducted numerous National Pork Producers Council "Production and Financial Standards" training programs for CPA's, lenders, extension, adult educators, and pork producers.
  • Developed a new Grain and Livestock Marketing software system that supports the AS 101 "Taking Control of Your Farm Business" and Business Evaluation consulting analysis process. Included is the first market-scoring process based on historical and present financial positions.
  • Acquired a tax and accounting practice in Morrison, Illinois.
  • Began centralized processing of accounting client's data.
  • Developed and released the new AgManager® "Accounts Receivable Module."


Led Iowa Soybean and Corn Growers Associations efforts to develop a “standard” corn and soybean chart of accounts. Iowa Soybean Association contracted with AgriSolutions key staff to lead its Production and Financial Standards efforts.

Entered into License agreements to utilize its Silver, Gold and Platinum accounting service processes and software, producer education and specialized computer software with Clemson University.

Developed and released the new AgManager® Accounts Payable Module and updated the existing Payroll module.

Acquired the AgMaster Division of the Iowa Farm Bureau Federation.  This included 1000+ on-farm software users, 800 tax returns, and 450 mail-in accounting clients.

Delivered the pilot training for the National Pork Producers Council (NPPC) Standards on Activity and Commodity Managerial (Cost) Accounting and Chart of Accounts software setup and use for 50+ pork producers in Iowa and Illinois.

Led the effort to reach consensus among five crop and livestock associations to define a Standard Chart of Accounts for their producers.  The five commodity groups are:

American Soybean Association and Iowa Soybean Association,

National Corn Growers Association,

National Cattleman’s Beef Association,

Cotton, Inc.,

National Pork Producers Council.



AgriBank and the 7th Farm Credit District renewed their multi-year/multi-million dollar services agreement.

Entered into agreement with the National Pork Producers Council to provide the NPPC Standards Instructor Certification Program, develop a multi-faceted Chart of Accounts computer program, and conduct pilot Managerial Accounting (Cost Accounting) courses using the NPPC standards.

Entered into License agreements to utilize one or more of its accounting service processes and software, tax, consulting, producer education and specialized computer software with:

10 Farm Credit Associations and 2 CPA Firms.

Assisted National Pork Producers Council in finalizing the initial Financial and Production Standards by chairing two of the three sub-committees (Financial and Managerial Accounting).

Entered into a license agreement with Land O’Lakes.  Land O’Lakes pork group licensed AgriSolutions Producer Education program and associated tools for their PECs (Pork Enterprise Consultants).

Developed and piloted a Debt Management class that was utilized extensively with Pork Producers.

Developed two new Managerial Accounting courses, which assist producers in taking the next significant management step to professional business management.

AgriSolutions announced several new consulting software products that coordinated with the Producer Education services.

A five-year Financial Performance evaluation tool.

An Asset Management evaluation program.

An Operating Management Action Plan tool.

A Debt Management computer program.

A software tool to assist producers in “taking control” of the financial performance results of their business.

Developed and delivered pilot and ongoing training programs for its Gold and Silver accounting services delivery concepts.



There was an additional 5,000 square feet added to the office space for a total of 25,000 square feet.

Agro Corporation purchased two accounting and tax firms in Illinois.



As a result of demand in new alliance relationships, Agro is currently expanding its corporate headquarters/training facility with a 13,000 square foot building addition.



A new company, AgriSolutions Inc. was formed by Agro Systems Corporation to develop and market a new series of products and services specifically designed to increase agricultural producers’ profits in most major commodities.  AgriSolutions offers a new line of accounting, tax and management information software programs for producers.  AgriSolutions also offers new producer education programs and new licensing programs to market its products and services through agricultural lenders, commodity groups and other industry alliances.

The Illinois Agricultural Training Alliance moved to endorse Agro training in 10 Illinois locations as the Agricultural Business College.  The Illinois Agricultural Training Alliance consists of Illinois Farm Bureau, Illinois Pork Producers, Illinois Specialty Growers, Farm Credit Services, Illinois Soybean Growers, Illinois Corn Growers and Illinois Milk Producers, and Agro.

AgriSolutions began producing its AgriProfits/ProfitProfiles database comparisons.

Agro entered into a contractual relationship with AgriBank/Farm Credit Services to build a high quality, broad spectrum of services in their 11-state territory.



The National Pork Producer Council voted to implement Agro's financial and analysis classes in all states with an interest in financial training for pork and other producers.



Agro was selected by Farmer Mac to write a credit application system to prepare Farmer Mac and FmHA loan applications.  The system is marketed by Agro under the name of Credit and Profit Analysis (CPA).

ACDI requested Agro develop and teach a follow-up course for Estonia lenders.

Taught the credit analysis course for the Illinois Ag lending school.

Agro was requested to assist Dr. Lech Goraj, from Poland, with Agro's financial analysis and information gathering techniques.  Dr. Goraj spent three weeks at Agro.  He is responsible for assembling all financial statistics for the Agriculture ministry in Poland.  We provided a similar service for the Estonia agriculture ministry.



Agro was selected by Iowa Pork Producers Association to provide financial training for its Iowa Pork College.  The pilot class was held in September 1992 and subsequent training classes began in February of 1993.

Acquired Illinois Farm Bureau Computer.  This subsidiary of Illinois Farm Bureau, with more than 1,200 on-farm users in Illinois, sells computer hardware and software for agricultural applications.

Agro trained an additional 1000 FmHA ag lending personnel.

Agricultural Cooperative Development International (ACDI) and Agency for International Development (AID), requested Agro to develop a training program for lenders in Estonia and Poland.  Courses which include standard information gathering formats and analysis were developed and training delivered.



Agro was awarded the national contract to train all FmHA Loan officers and management personnel.  Agro developed the one-week course material and related case studies, and then delivered the course to approximately 4,200 FmHA personnel during a six-month period.

Agro acquired 51% of Ag-Ware, Inc.  Ag-Ware, located in Kearney, Nebraska, has approximately 1,500 software users centered in the states of Kansas, Nebraska, Colorado, and the Dakotas.

Agro acquired and merged several tax and accounting services into its Sterling / Rock Falls Office.

Agro acquired an office in Greenville, Illinois.

Agro acquired 102 acres of land located 35 miles northeast of St. Louis for its corporate headquarters.  Corporate offices were relocated from Moline to the new Brighton, Illinois address.

Field Office Management Software (OMS) was finalized and released to Agro Field Offices.

The Accounts Receivable Module was released for Alpha field tests.



Farmer Mac contracted with Agro to write their "credit analysis system" for evaluating all loan pools.  The system, developed by Agro, applies credit analysis criteria to loan pools (50 to 100 million dollar loan packages) and to each loan within the pool.  Pools and problem loans not meeting appropriate credit requirements are flagged for closer examination.

Negotiations were finalized for Agro to acquire the rights to Texas A&M's AFAES software. The AFAES software is an "expert system" that analyzes financial information. Agro is presently rewriting the AFAES data collection module.



Agro developed and released the Agro Plus Computer Assisted Transactions Module (CAT) for service bureau use. CAT automates most repetitive monthly entries.

Agro developed and released the Data Query Module, an integrated module to query and report user selected information from the accounting database.



John Deere purchased 25% of Agro Systems Corporation.  Selected Agro personnel moved to Moline, Illinois and officed with John Deere in Deere's headquarters.  Agro and Deere began efforts to expand Agro and its services.

At the end of an extensive review to select a successor for Agri Fax, St. Louis Farm Credit District selected Agro's software then elected to sell their Agri Fax business to Agro Systems. Farm Credit's Agri Fax offices and personnel at five locations in Illinois and Missouri became Agro Field Offices.

Agro acquired our Louisville, Ohio office.

Agro released the Agro Plus Payroll Module.

Agro and Deere opened an office in Galesburg, Illinois.  The office was started as a research site to test marketing concepts and management ideas.



After evaluating nearly 30 different agriculture accounting programs, Agro's accounting system was selected by the Louisville Farm Credit System to replace Agri Fax.  Later Agro, at Farm Credit's request, acquired the Agri Fax accounts in Ohio and Kentucky and Indiana.

Agro and St. Paul Farm Credit jointly released the Agro Plus Capital Asset Module.



Agro and the St. Paul Farm Credit System entered into a formal agreement to use Agro's accounting software under the name "Ag Base".  The St. Paul Farm Credit System provides bookkeeping and tax services for more than 5,000 farmers in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, and North Dakota.  Agro provided the software, training for use of the software and financial analysis training to Farm Credit's Loan Officers.

Agro opened its Marketing Services Division.  The Marketing Service Division delivers commodity-marketing services to Agro's farm clientele.

Agro released the first generation of its Agro Plus Financial Forecast Module.



After investigating numerous accounting programs from all over the United States, St. Paul Farm Credit selected Agro and two other accounting packages for a one-year evaluation.  The evaluation was designed to determine which, if any, of the programs would replace Farm Credit's Agri Fax system.  The programs were tested in an IBM style user evaluation lab and actual field office environments.



Agro released the first three modules (General Ledger, Cost Accounting, and Financial Statement) of its fourth generation, integrated financial management software. The system, Agro's first micro-based system, migrated all customer servicing from a central source to field offices.



Agro continued FmHA training from FmHA's Overland Park, Kansas, facility (then TWA's Training Facility). Four states, Vermont, New Hampshire, Wisconsin, and Georgia also contracted with Agro for statewide local training.



FmHA issued its first contract with Agro for Agro to present its "Financial Management in Agriculture" to FmHA personnel.  Those classes were taught in Tallahassee, Florida on Florida A&M's campus.

Agro began remote processing of customer data.  Accounting data was keyed in local offices, and then telecommunicated to a mainframe for processing.

Agro opened the Bloomington, Illinois field office.



Agro opened the Jerseyville, Illinois field office.



Control Data Corporation licensed Agro's huge mainframe accounting system.  The system was used by CDC's independent dealers to provide accounting services to farmers and small businesses.  CDC later purchased the rights to convert Agro's mainframe accounting system to run on their microcomputers.  Those concepts are still used in CDC's software today.



Agro provided its first services in Illinois.  Direct services were offered to customers in Greene and Jersey counties.  Agro's software was used for services to farmers in the Sangamon, Morgan and Warren county areas.



From 1967 to 1974, Agro maintained a centralized organization, delivered its services from two central offices.  While this approach worked for handling financial data, it lacked the personal contact needed to effectively help our clients understand and apply the information from Agro's monthly reports to their business.  In 1975, Agro management and the Board of Directors decided that total responsibility for servicing clients should reside with a local field office.  Thus, Agro began implementation of a field office network, hiring experienced local service personnel to teach our clients how to both use and analyze financials.

Agro released its third generation of financial management systems.  The software (still a mainframe system) incorporated all of the features of previous systems plus true cost accounting capabilities.



Agro offered its first tax planning and tax preparation services to customers in the Midsouth region.



Agro developed and received copyright protection on their special "Check A Check" system.



Agro released its second-generation product, a double entry system using alpha accounts.



Agro Systems Corporation, Midsouth was formed to provide services in Tennessee, Mississippi, Louisiana and Arkansas.  Offices for Agro Systems Corporation, Midsouth were located in Memphis, Tennessee.



Agro Systems Corporation, Southwest was formed to provide services in Texas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico.  Agro relocated its main corporate offices to Lubbock, Texas.


Farmco, Inc. the controlling company for Agro Systems, was incorporated and began providing accounting and farm management services in the Monroe, Louisiana area. The first services offered by Agro used single entry accounting and numeric accounts. Farmco, Incorporated's name was later changed during a merger with another of our corporate entities.