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AgriSolutions® and its affiliates provide producers with multiple levels of accounting and software services to assist them in effectively meeting their obligations and achieving their business objectives utilizing the AgManager® accounting software.


Full Service Accounting - Let us do it all! 

With Full Service Accounting, we operate as your accountant. You don’t have to find, hire, and train an accountant on-site. AgriSolutions® will bear the responsibility to have staff available to take care of your accounting needs.   

  • We pay your bills (Accounts Payable) 
  • We process your payroll
  • We complete your balance sheet 
  • We prepare monthly reports


Service Bureau Accounting - Let us do some of the work!   

Our accountants will communicate with you, key in your monthly data, and generate detailed reports. The program is designed to accommodate changing record-keeping needs and can be easily modified to reflect operational and other changes.

  • You pay your own bills 
  • We complete your balance sheet 
  • We prepare monthly reports 


On-Farm Accounting - Let us help you! 

While you process your own payroll, payables, etc. using the AgManager® software, we will be there to help by providing experienced, highly trained professionals who understand agriculture. 

  • You pay your own bills using our AgManager® software
  • You process your own payroll etc. 
  • We help by providing support, training and software updates