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Training Tools 

Closing Processes

This video walks you through some of the items related to Monthly, Quarterly, and Annual closing in AgManager.  A number of the items are related to managerial accounting - if you are not currently using this, give us a call to leverage the power of AgManager in this regard.  1-877-372-3003

**This is video only, no audio**

If you prefer to view this information in Adobe .pdf format, please click here.

FREE Profitability Analysis Tool 

Click here to take advantage of our new Profitability Analysis Tool. Wondering how this can be used and how it can benefit you? 

  1. Project profitability by crop.
  2. Forecast costs and profitability.
  3. Perform "what if" analysis by changing crop and cost assumptions.

If questions or concerns arise after filling this worksheet out, contact us at 877-372-3003 to see how we can help.